About The Founder

Alyssa O’Toole is the Founder & Director of Musicians’ Playground (musiciansplayground.com), Professional Pianist & Consultant/Public Speaker (alyssaotoolepiano.com), and architect behind the Hands Movement. She is known for her mission to make music accessible and enjoyable for everyone, and for finding innovative solutions to achieve this.

For the past decade, she has committed her life to helping others find a love for the music inside of them. She finds that sadly, and all too frequently, people are deprived of the benefits of making music because of preconceived or entirely false notions they have been subjected to. This understanding coupled with her belief that everyone has a right to feel the happiness of making music led to the conception of the Hands Movement.

By sourcing the nation’s most progressive city leaders, and aligning the nation’s most talented composers, music advocates, and supporters – she has been able to combine efforts, unify the masses, and gain the momentum necessary to make Hands a nationwide movement.

Her sincerest hope is to see a day when making music is finally appraised properly for its exclusive and inherent power to unify, inspire, bring happiness to all – and for everyone to see and feel firsthand the amazing benefits that embracing such an authentic act can make.

With great hopes for the future –

Alyssa O’Toole