About The Hands Movment

The Hands Movement

A nationwide movement uniting all people in the name of love for music

It began on a Fall day in Boston, MA in 2014, when fifty people were spontaneously asked to learn and play a part of a song. These brave participants of all different ages, skill levels, and walks of life rose to the occasion. They momentarily set aside their fears, inhibitions, and preconceived notions to find the music inside of them, and in turn contribute to something much larger than themselves.

Together their hands united to play one piece in its entirety and in doing so they proved one simple, beautiful, and ever-necessary concept: There is no such thing as a musician or non-musician, too late or too early, or any amount of inadequacy or inexperience that can stop us from feeling the happiness of making music as human beings.

Today, Hands runs in cities across the nation, affecting the lives of countless individuals in incredible ways. It solicits the positive action of city leaders, music advocates, composers, and supporters everywhere – and demands we as a population unify and reconsider the barriers to music making.

Music should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. And through the Hands Movement – we can make this possible.

See you on the front lines

– The Hands Team