Hands Utica; The story of a young blind girl

#HandsUtica is live and finally ready to be viewed by the world – joining the Hands Movement family as the 4th video we have released so far! We couldn’t be more excited!

This video was especially important to me because Utica is my hometown – and as small of a place as it is, will always have a huge place in my heart. In fact, despite its smallness, Utica had one of the biggest turnouts we have ever had at any event we’ve held so far across the nation. Pretty impressive!

A count by the Public Market that we held the event at, disclosed on average they have 500 attendees at their Farmer’s Market every Saturday. That number TRIPLED the day we held Hands Utica.

We are proud. But more than proud we are deeply touched.

The above picture you see, is of a young girl who is 100% blind. She literally cannot see the keys in front of her if she tried. Yet, rather than excuse herself as incapable or unworthy of making music – she has done the exact opposite. That day, she sat down with us, gave us 110% of her heart, and blew us away with her resilience, attitude, and ability. She is living proof that with a little bit of courage – nothing can stop us from learning and making music. What a beautiful human being & what a difference her presence in this world makes.

Each event we run, we are beyond humbled by the people that effort with us to show the world what we human beings are made of. Whether music becomes the ultimate study or not, these moments are far reaching into corners of our souls waiting to be awakened – and have implications even we have yet to fully understand.

Onward and upward to new discovery, awakening, and happiness. And to a better tomorrow.